Pre-2008 Editorial Board

  • David Konstan (Brown University)
  • Laura McClure (University of Wisconsin)
  • Marilyn Skinner (University of Arizona)
  • Chief Editor for the Anthology of Translations: John T. Quinn (Hope College)
  • Managing Editor for Diotima: Ross Scaife (University of Kentucky)

We guarantee that the Series of scholarly articles and the Anthology of translations in Diotíma (i.e., materials published at this site, on this server) have been through a rigorous process of peer review, for which the board of scholars listed here bears ultimate responsibility. Thus we combine in this venue the traditional assurances of print publication with the wider access, improved efficiencies, and greater set of features associated with freely available electronic publications.

Technical notes: Diotíma follows regular Stoa policy on copyright: we merely reserve non-exclusive rights to electronic publication; authors retain all other rights.