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Women in Antiquity

Gender and Sexuality

Masculinity and Sexuality


  • T. Hubbard, “Homosexuality in Antiquity”(University of Texas, Spring 1995)

Women in Egypt

Women in Greece

Women in Rome

Women in the Biblical/Medieval World

  • Anne McGuire, “Women and Gender in Early Christianity” (Haverford, Fall 1999)
  • N. Denzey, “Womens’ Spirituality in the Roman Empire and the Early Middle Ages” (Bowdoin, Spring, 1998)
  • Alan Humm, “Women in the Biblical World” (Albright College, Fall 1998)
  • D. Everhart, “Medieval Women: Tradition and Counter-Tradition” (Georgetown University, Spring 1995) 
    • — n.b. the Student Reports on Web Resources Related to the Study of Medieval Women 
  • D. Vess, Women in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds (Georgia College & State University)

Race and Ethnicity


  • Greg Thalmann, “Classics 565: Roman Slavery” (University of Southern California, Fall 1997)

Art and Archaeology

  • A. Emmerson, Gender in Roman Archaeology (Tulane, 2018)
  • P. Rehak, Women in Ancient Art and Society (U of Kansas, Spring Term 2002)
  • Nick Cahill, “Art History 505: Marriage and Death in Greek Art” (University of Wisconsin, Fall 1997)
  • T. Wilfong (University of Michigan) “The Body & Sexuality in the Art of the Ancient World” (Spring 1995)
  • C. Witcombe, Images of Women in Ancient Art: Issues of Interpretation and Identity (Sweet Briar College)


Misc. Topics

Mosaic floor panel 2nd century A.D.