Getting Started

A List of Women Authors From the Ancient World
Sappho may be the most well-known, but there are many women authors attested in antiquity, and you can find some information here.

Virtual Teaching Assignments

Here you will find some suggestions for assignments students can complete offline with minimal access to a library, online or otherwise.

Educational Videos

TedEd: A Day in the Life
Excellent short videos about the lives of Romans and Athenians (with differences in gender, status, and class noted) by Robert Garland and Ray Laurence.

Meter and Poetry

Society for the Oral Reading of Greek and Latin Literature
Selected ancient texts read orally in “Restored Classical Pronunciation” by experts in the field, for the purpose of better appreciating the literature through sound.

The Macronizer
A developing online tool for scansion and meter.

Secondary School Resources

LGBT Meets SPQR is a collection of authentic Latin texts that highlight LGBTQIA+ topics for the purpose of enhancing representation and facilitating discussion in middle and high school Latin classes (appropriate for ages 14 – 17).