Nota bene: These profiles were generated in 2003. Contributors’ circumstances and locations have likely changed.

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C. A. E. Luschnig (
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures 
University of Idaho 
Moscow, ID 83843

Ann R. Raia (
Associate Professor of Classics 
School of Arts & Sciences 
College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, N.Y.10805

Erin Carney is a senior majoring in History and Classics at the University of Idaho with plans to graduate in May. She holds strong interests in both the study and teaching of women’s history.

Luke Henderson currently studies Music and Classics as an undergraduate at the University of Idaho. Primarily a violinist and pianist, he may be found at times with an accordian or ukelele. As a composer, he has created four operas and a violin concerto, among other works. His other interests include fencing, wrestling, and baseball as well as a sincere dedication to someday mastering the intricacies of the slide rule. Presently he is undecided as to future plans, but nevertheless hopes to pursue indefinitely his study of the Classics.

Josh Livie is a senior in Classics, minoring in History, at the University of Idaho. He is currently working on translating Dylan into Greek for his senior project.

Cara West is a senior Honors Program student with two major concentrations, French and Classics, and a minor field in Psychology, at The College of New Rochelle. She has aspirations of teaching after graduation. However, what exactly she will teach is not yet determined.

Jennifer Pinheiro is a junior Honors Program student with a major in Classics and two minor fields, Religious Studies and Spanish, at The College of New Rochelle. She is currently doing research for her junior thesis on the impact of religion on the laws of ancient Rome.

Kimberly Nickerson is currently a sophomore majoring in Classics and earning her Secondary Education Certificate in Latin at The College of New Rochelle. Her career goal is to teach Latin on the high school level.