Sardis, 1st cent. B.C. (Peek 1881. G)

An inscription set up by the municipality of Sardis in honour of Menophila, daughter of Hermagenes.

This stone marks a woman of accomplishment and beauty. Who she is the Muses’ inscriptions reveal: Menophila. Why she is honoured is shown by a carved lily and an alpha, a book and a basket, and with these a wreath. The book shows that you were wise, the wreath that you wore on your head shows that you were a leader; the letter alpha [1] that you were an only child; the basket is a sign of your orderly excellence; the flower shows the prime of your life, which Fate stole away. May the dust lie light on you in death. Alas; your parents are childless; to them you have left tears.


1. The numeral one.