208. Chastity. Italy, 3rd/2nd cent. B.C.  (Thesleff, pp. 151-4. G)

214. The need for educated parents. Rome, 1st cent. A.D. (Quintilian, Institutes of Oratory 1.1.6. L)

217. A female philosopher. Athens, 3rd cent. B.C. (Diogenes Laertius 6.96-8. 3rd cent. A.D. G)

218. Epigram on Hipparchia. (Antipater of Thessalonica, AP VII. 413. G)

224. Sulpicia. Rome, late 1st cent. A.D. (Martial, Epigrams 10.35. L)

228. The dildo. Egypt, 3rd cent. B.C.? (Herodas, Mime 6. G)

229. Going to a festival. Egypt, 3rd cent. B.C. (Theocritus, Idyll 15, exc. G)

230. The go-between. Egypt, 3rd cent. B.C.? (Herodas, Mime 1. G)

232. A letter from a soldier’s wife complaining about the behaviour of another soldier’s daughters. Egypt, 4th cent. A.D. (Grenfell papyrus I.53. G)

233. The rape of the Sabine women. Rome, traditionally 8th cent. B.C. (Livy, History of Rome 1.9. Late 1st cent. B.C.-early 1st cent. A.D. L)

241. Women unfavourably compared with boy lovers. Egypt, 2nd cent. A.D. (Achilles Tatius, Leucippe and Clitophon 2.37.5-9, 38.1-3. G)

242. Advice on marriage. Boeotia, 2nd cent. A.D. (Plutarch, Moralia 138a-146a, exc. Tr. R. Warner. G)

249. Exposure of a female child. Oxyrhynchus, Egypt, 1 B.C. (Oxyrhynchus papyrus 744. G)

250. Hiring a wet-nurse. Italy, 3rd/2nd cent. B.C. (Thesleff, pp. 123-4. G)

253. The philosopher Favorinus on breast-feeding. (Aulus Gellius, Attic Nights 12.1, exc. L)

261. Seneca to his mother. Corsica, A.D. 41/9. (Seneca, On Consolation 16. L)

263. The death of Minicia Marcella. Rome, A.D. 105/6 (Pliny the Younger, Letters 5.16. L)

266. Julia’s wit. Rome, 1st cent. B.C. (Macrobius, Saturnalia 2.5.1-10. ca. A.D. 400. Tr. H. Lloyd-Jones. L)

267. How to train a wife. Athens, 4th cent. B.C. (Xenophon, On Household Management [Oeconomicus] 6.17-10, exc. G)