388. Senatus consultum de bacchanalibus. Rome, 186 B.C. (CILI2.581=ILS18=ILLRP511. Tr. ARS. L)

393. The story of Persephone. 7th cent. B.C.? (Homeric Hymn to Demeter, verses 370-95. G)

401. A puberty ritual. Sparta, 7th cent. B.C. (Alcman, Fr. 1.5-101)

406. Cures of women’s diseases, from the shrine of Asclepius in Epidaurus. First half of 4th cent. B.C. (IG IV.2. 121-22, exc. G)

408. Vestal Virgins. Rome, 7th cent. B.C. (Plutarch, Life of Numa Pompilius 9.5-10, exc. 2nd cent. A.D. G)

409. Vestal Virgins. Rome (Aulus Gellius, Attic Nights 1.12. L)

412. A divine portent. Rome, 63 B.C. (Plutarch, Life of Cicero 19.3, 20.1-2, 2nd cent. A.D. G)

413. Desecration of the rites of the Bona Dea. Rome 62 B.C. (Plutarch, Life of Caesar 9-10. 2nd cent. A.D. G)

415. A love potion. Alexandria, 3rd cent. B.C. (Theocritus, Idyll 2, exc. G)

417. Ingredients for a love charm. Rome, 1st cent. B.C. (Horace, Epodes 5. L)

439. Paulina, priestess of several mystery cults. Rome, A.D. 384 (CIL VI.1779, 1780, 2145=ILS 1259-61. L)

451. The martyrdom of the pagan philosopher Hypatia. Alexandria, 415 A.D. (Socrates, Ecclesiastical History VII.15, Migne, PG vol. 67, col. 768-9; Suda, s.v. Hypatia, Y166 I.4 644-5 Adler=Damascius fr. 163-4 Zintzen)