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[How different the Greek authors’ opinions are on the number of Niobe’s children.(1)]

  1. An amazing (almost ridiculous) diversity of stories can be found in the Greek poets concerning the number of Niobe’s children.
  2. For Homer says she had a total of twelve children (boys and girls), Euripides fourteen, Sappho eighteen, Bacchylides and Pindar twenty, and certain other writers say there were only three. (2)


  1. Although modern editors reject this lemma (chapter title), I have included it here for ease of reference.
  2. Homer, Iliad 24.602ff; Euripides frg. 455 Nauck; Sappho, frg. 89 Lobel-Page; Bacchylides frg. 46 Snell; Pindar frg. 65 Bergk. Cf. Apollodorus 3.5.6, Aelian, Varia Historia 12.36.

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