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Lacus Curtius
Very many sources for Roman history in Latin and English.

Perseus Digital Library
Tools, translations, full-text Latin and Greek, essays, images, dictionaries and more.

Dickinson College Commentaries
Latin and Greek texts for reading, with explanatory notes, essays, vocabulary, and graphic, video, and audio elements.

Suda On Line
Searchable online edition of the Byzantine lexicon.

Digital Loeb Classical Library
Searchable online edition of the classics green and red Loeb Classical Library. Nota bene: behind a paywall.

Online Companion to the Worlds of Roman Women
Ann Raia’s Companion site to her textbook Worlds of Roman Women. Numerous translations of sources about the lives of Roman Women.

The Internet Classics Archive

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

The Duke Papyrus Archive 

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (includes many translated texts)

Miscellaneous Translations

Apollonius Rhodius (fl. 3rd Century B.C.), Argonautica (Loeb Translation by R.C. Seaton, 1912)

Illness of Maidens (8.466-70 Littre), translation adapted from N.Demand, Birth, Death and Motherhood, Johns Hopkins, 1994

Description by Tacitus “Rebellion of Boudicca” from Athena Review

Holy Women of Byzantium: Ten Saints’ Lives in English Translation (edited by Alice-Mary Talbot; texts available in Adobe Acrobat PDF)