Thanks to Lee Pearcy, creator of the Ancient Medicine site, for help in making this selection of passages from the print version of WLGR. See Diotima for related bibliography.

339. The female role in generation. Athens, 4th cent. B.C. (Aristotle, On the Generation of Animals, 716a5-23, 727a2-30, 727b31-33, 728b l8-31, 765b8-20, 766al7-30, 783b26-784al2. Tr. A.L. Peck, LCL. G)

341. Intercourse, conception and pregnancy. Cos, 4th cent. B.C. (Hippocrates, On the Generating Seed and the Nature of the Child 4-7, 13, 30.4=VII.474-80, 488-92, 536-8 Littré. Tr. I.M. Lonie. G)

343. Women’s illnesses. Cos, 4th cent. B.C. (Hippocrates, Diseases of Women 1.1, 2, 6, 7, 21, 25, 33, 62 exc.=VIII.12-22, 30-4, 60-2, 64-8, 78, 126 Littré. Tr. A. Hanson. G)

344. Displacement of the womb. (Hippocrates, Places in Human Anatomy  47=V 344-6 Littré. G)

345. Hysterical suffocation. (Hippocrates, Diseases of Women 2.126, 123= VIII 271-3, 266 Littré. G)

346. Dislocation of the womb. (Hippocrates, Nature of Women 8, 3=VII 322-4, 314-6 Littré. G)

348. The dangerous first and sixth 40-day periods during pregnancy.(Hippocrates, On the Seventh-Month Child 3-4=VII 438-42 Littré. G)

349. Hysteria in virgins. (Hippocrates, On Virgins=VIII.466-70 Littré. G)

351. Comparison of male and female anatomy. Pergamum, 2nd cent. A.D. (Galen, On the Usefulness of the Parts of the Body 14.6-7, exc. Tr. M.T. May. G)

352. Psychological origins of hysteria. Pergamum, 2nd cent. A.D. (Galen, On Prognosis 6. Tr. A J. Brock. G)

355. Menstruation, conception, contraception and abortion. Rome, 1st cent. A.D. (Soranus, Gynaecology 1.24, 26, 34, 36, 39, 40, 60, 61, 64. Tr. O. Temkin. G)

356. Childbirth: instructions for the midwife. Rome, 1st cent. A.D. (Soranus Gynaecology 1.67-9, exc. L)

358. The women of Miletus (a traditional story). (Plutarch, The Bravery of Women11, Moralia 249b-d, 2nd cent. A.D. G)

362. Side effects of menstruation. Rome, 1st cent. A.D. (Pliny the Elder, Natural History 28.23, exc. L)

362A. Clitoridectomy. Roman Egypt, sixth cent. A.D. (Aëtius 16. 115, G)

375. Qualities and training of midwives. Rome, 2nd cent. A.D. (Soranus, Gynaecology 1.3-4, abridged. Tr. O. Temkin)

380. Advice on hiring a wet-nurse. Rome, 1st cent. A.D. (Soranus, Gynaecology 2.18-20. Tr. O. Temkin. L)

381. Two contracts for the services of wet nurses for slave children. Alexandria, 13 B.C. (BGU 4.1106, 1107. G)