39. Claudia. Rome, 2nd century B.C. (ILLRP 973=ILS 8403=CLE 52=CIL I2.1211=CIL VI.15346. Tr. R. Lattimore. L)

40. Eucharis. Rome, 1st century B.C. (ILLRP 803=ILS 5213=CIL I2.1214. L)

42. An accomplished woman. Sardis, 1st cent. B.C. (Peek 1881. G)

43. Murdia. Rome, 1st cent. B.C. (CIL VI.10230=ILS 8394. L)

47. Allia Potestas. Rome, late 3rd-4th cent. A.D. (CIL VI.37965=CLE 1988. L)

51. Cornelia’s noble nature. Misenum, 2nd cent. B.C. (Plutarch, Life of Gaius Gracchus 4.3, 19.1-3. G)

52. Tiberius chooses to die in place of Cornelia. Rome, 2nd cent. B.C. (Plutarch, Life of Tiberius Gracchus, 1.2-2. G)

53. Womanly virtue. 1st cent. A.D. (Valerius Maximus, Memorable Deeds and Sayings 6.7.1-3. L)

63. Weighing bad women against good. Athens, 4th cent. B.C. (Eubulus, a fragment from a lost play, fr. 77 PCG; Chrysilla, fr. 115 PCG. G)

64. The price of a wife. Athens, 4th cent. B.C. (Alexis, fr. 36 PCG. G)

69. Juvenal on women in general. Rome, 2nd cent. A.D. (Satire 6, exc. L)

71. Cicero on Clodia. Rome 56 B.C. (Cicero, Pro Caelio 13-16. [26] L)